We are adept at creating designs for projects that present technically difficult challenges across ten industry sectors. Our deep sectoral experience and interconnected skillsets ensure we provide innovative solutions for our clients.

About ByrneLooby

Our highly skilled team collaborates to achieve the best possible solutions for our clients. Together, we can work through any obstacles that arise. Solving complex problems is why we exist.

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Careers at ByrneLooby

At ByrneLooby, you contribute to high-profile projects as part of a team consisting of the leading talent in the industry. ByrneLooby engineers represent a broad range of engineering disciplines across our areas of expertise. Join our team to develop your skills and advance your career in a truly inspiring environment.

What Our Team Says

“Byrnelooby has allowed me the opportunity to technically lead and manage projects with almost immediate effect on increasing my professional capacity. On reflection, it has enhanced my decision-making, developed further my problem-solving skills and encouraged me to think more critically over a broad range of topics. Although the learning curve has been steep, the lessons I have learned over the past year have been more valuable than I could ever have anticipated. If you are interested in progressing your career to the next level and taking on new challenges, I highly recommend joining ByrneLooby, a company who is interested in your personal and professional growth and encourages all aspects of development.”

Lerika Eigelaar, Project Engineer at ByrneLooby

"ByrneLooby have enabled me to develop significantly in the time I have been employed here and they strongly encourage all aspects of my development, which has greatly benefited me personally and professionally. Their progressive views on competency building, goal planning and performance management has helped me focus on my own career and development, supported by internal and external training and mentoring when needed. As a company, ByrneLooby has an enjoyable and professional culture within which individuals and teams can deliver rewarding projects."

Sean Harrington, Associate Director at ByrneLooby

“Since joining ByrneLooby I have been afforded the opportunity to develop both professionally and technically, through study, CPD and project experience. Starting out as a graduate, I was provided with a senior member of staff who acted as a mentor and helped me to grow into my role. That process has continued into my current position, where I am afforded time with directors and other senior members of staff to identify areas for personal and professional growth. A number of years ago, a structured goal planning process was Implemented which formalised this process, the benefits have been clear in terms of my career path to date.”

Maurice Ryan, Associate Director at ByrneLooby