Saggart Reservoir Project

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The Saggart Reservoir Project involves constructing a new covered treated storage reservoir that will safeguard the water supply to homes, essential services and businesses in the Greater Dublin Area. The upgrade marks the first significant investment in the existing Saggart waterworks since it was built in the 1950s. This new, state-of-the-art reservoir will house over 100 million litres of treated drinking water or the equivalent of 40 Olympic-sized swimming pools, supplied from the Ballymore Eustace treatment plant (Ireland’s largest water treatment plant). The scheme also includes a new electro chlorination plant building and associated infrastructure. This project will provide strategic treated water storage capability at Saggart, South County Dublin, which is needed to support the construction of houses and schools, attract new industry, and allow companies to expand and grow across the GDA (Greater Dublin Area). In terms of size and scale, the new reservoir can store enough water to supply almost 300,000 homes for one day.

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Our Role

Coffey Construction has engaged ByrneLooby to provide detailed civil, structural, geotechnical and hydraulic design as well as PSDP services. 

ByrneLooby will support Coffey Construction in delivering this essential infrastructure with the construction of the new reservoir and associate pipelines commencing in March 2021 and a completion date expected in 2024.

Challenges: Increasing demands in the Greater Dublin Area is a challenge for the national utility Irish Water’s long-term water supply solution. Some 600 ML/day of treated water currently produced in the GDA Water Network meets current demand levels to supply approximately 1.5 million customers in Dublin and the surrounding areas. However, there is limited headroom capacity available - only c. 3% (c.18ML/d). At times of water stress, especially during periods of drought, this capacity is under more strain. Saggart is part of the long-term water supply and delivery plan that includes leakage reduction in the region and transferring spare capacity from Athy to Greater Dublin.

The benefits of this scheme include increased security of supply and greater network resilience of the drinking water supply to businesses and residents in the Greater Dublin Area, which will enhance future growth and development in the region.

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