Waste Facility Design

A Leader in Waste Facility Design

Activities carried out at waste facilities include disposal, treatment, recycling and energy generation. They are a crucial part of ensuring we sustainably manage the wastes produced by households, commerce and industry. These facilities are varied and include mechanical, thermal, chemical and biological treatment of wastes, soil remediation plants and landfill disposal. Materials that cannot be recovered or recycled, including the residues from treatment facilities, are disposed of in a landfill. ByrneLooby has extensive experience providing complete design services for waste facilities or providing specialist inputs to larger development consortiums.

Our team of multidisciplinary experts has delivered the design and master planning of nationally significant waste management projects in the UK and MENA region, including the 18 million cubic metre capacity, triple landfill Sohar Industrial Waste Handling and Treatment Facility (IWHTF) in Oman and at multiple, extensive scale waste management facilities over 20 years for the two leading waste management operators in the UK.

We can also design the remediation works at former waste management facilities, including treatment plants where soil and water contamination has occurred and historical landfill sites.

Expertise In-Depth:

• Site selection, due diligence, site investigations and baseline environmental monitoring
• Design of hazardous waste treatment plants
• Design support to municipal/industrial waste materials recycling and thermal treatment plants
• Design of effluent treatment systems (biological or chemical)
• Design of facility infrastructure including master planning, layouts, roads, foundations, buildings & surface water management infrastructure
• Design and supervision of preliminary works, including site investigations, risk assessments, design of preparatory earthworks/site remediation, baseline environmental monitoring & Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

• Site selection support, site acquisition / due diligence
• Site investigations, materials testing and baseline environmental monitoring services
• Hydrogeological, stability and gas risk assessments
• Earthworks and geosynthetics design and specification
• Risk-based design of engineered containment lining systems including composite mineral / geosynthetic lining systems and associated leachate drainage & collection systems
• Design of leachate, landfill gas and surface water management/treatment systems
• Design of environmental monitoring systems
• Preparation of operations and closure plans
• Design of remediation of old landfills for pollution control or redevelopment
• Design of low-level radioactive waste disposal facilities
• Project management (contract support, construction supervision, works verification, QA/QC, auditing)

• Desk-based studies, site investigations and environmental monitoring
• Human Health and Environmental Risk Assessments (HHRA)
• Pilot studies/remediation trials
• Project management support (contract support, resident engineer, verification of works)
• Regulatory support (liaison planning, environmental health, EA, EPA, Supreme Council of the Environment Building Control, NHBC, Coal Authority etc.)