Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

As the world transitions from fossil-based energy sources to zero-carbon by the second half of this century, information technology, smart technology, policy frameworks and market instruments will be critical drivers in the pathways towards change.   At ByrneLooby, our approach is strategic, considering both energy demand and energy supply.
Our experience and holistic perspective enable us to deliver solutions that provide long-term benefits to our clients across all sectors; infrastructure, utilities (water wastewater treatment plants, electricity networks), industrial (chemical, oil and gas), and renewables (wind, hydro and solar).  Our teams can plan, develop, design and construct projects to enhance system infrastructure, optimise assets, reduce energy and water consumption, and potentially increase energy generation onsite (via other alternative sources).

We also assess businesses and provide carbon strategies as they transition to lower-carbon 'green' business models.

Energy Efficiency - The Built Environment 
ByrneLooby works closely with clients to achieve energy efficiency goals within the built environment; from evaluating a proposed project to assessing possible shortcomings in solutions. Our services look at energy efficiency in terms of tangible and intangible benefits – such as reducing energy outputs, code and regulation evaluations, harnessing a profitable business model with lower capital and operational expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX). We can prepare energy savings policies, strategies, energy management tools and calculate the impact of energy efficiency measures, for example removing fossil-fueled energy from buildings and retrofitting buildings. We work closely with clients, coordinating across project disciplines and roles (architects, contractors and clients) providing guidance and support to help streamline the verification process and achieve energy efficiency goals.   We believe strongly in sustainable solutions applying integrated thinking that can help shape a new building or retrofit an existing building, We can help clients achieve sustainability ratings under systems including LEED, BREEAM ® and CEEQUAL.   Collaborating with management and employees, we can help reduce energy-related costs and improve the company’s green and sustainability profile across stakeholders.

Energy Efficiency - Utilities
ByrneLooby helped rehabilitate over 100km of water mains in Northern Ireland to reduce water losses and achieve energy efficiencies for Northern Ireland Water (NIW). Our team was appointed to provide design (concept and preliminary) of the new water mains, site surveys, site investigations, risk assessments, scheme rationalisation and construction team supervision.
Expertise In-Depth:

• Advice on energy legislation
• Air Emissions Control
• Assisting in the implementation of the EU energy efficiency
• Carbon strategies
• Design and civil engineering
• Design, Management and Construction (new and retrofit projects)
• Due diligence
• Energy efficiency for industrial processes, built environment and utilities
• Energy modelling
• Energy monitoring, mapping and analysis
• Energy/Resource Efficiency Auditing & Engineering
• Environmental Process Engineering
• Feasibility studies
• Industrial Wastewater
• Investment planning
• Masterplanning and Asset Management
• Performance Contracts
• Project Management
• Retrofit
• Sustainability strategies LEED, BREEAM ® and CEEQUAL
• Waste Minimisation and waste classification and strategies