24 Jan 2019

Since 2012, our team of experts at ByrneLooby in London, work with Alex Coppock of Communion Architects, to convert the derelict Penson’s Barns into a high value restaurant and shops.

January, saw the opening of the restaurant after extensive conservation repair and alterations all within the volume of original buildings.

The main dining area showcases an original timber frame roof with a new steel framed staircase leading up to the 1st floor which hosts space to a private dining area. The 1st floor existing trust was cut and the lateral forces were taken by a steel frame doorway.

Located in the beautiful Netherwood Estate, Herefordshire, the estate also plays home to two elequent properties, The Hyde and The Freeth, which are both available for Pensons guests to stay and only a few minutes away from the restaurant.

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