21 Jan 2019

We kicked off the 1st ByrneLooby Seminar Series of 2019, with the ICON accredited Conservator and Consultant, Sally Strachey, Director at Sally Strachey Historic Conservation Ltd .

Sally is a leading consultant on historic stonework, plaster, church monuments and sculpture.  Her consultancies have been successful in securing funds for numerous recent and current high-profile contracts.

In this seminar, Sally looked at the performance of lime-based repair systems over the past forty years using case studies for:

– Construction of mortars through thirty years

– Assessing their Performance in relation to design and location

– Retreatment of 1980’s mortars

– Breif Celebration of the versatility of Lime Putty mortars

Newland Church, Gloucestershire. A Sally Strachey and Byrne Looby repair project.

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