ByrneLooby Bahrain Site Visit

ByrneLooby Bahrain Site Visit

From left to right: Mahmood Mohammed, Graduate Project Engineer, Noor Alawi, Graduate Project Engineer, Husain Yusuf Graduate Project Engineer and Zahid Ilyas, Lead Geotechnical Engineer at ByrneLooby in Bahrain.

ByrneLooby remains committed to 'Investing In Our People'.

As part of ByrneLooby Bahrain's ongoing initiative to invest and develop the younger staff, they arranged a site excursion to observe the Geotechnical Investigation (GI) works undertaken by Al Hoty, a third-party laboratory for the Capital Waterfront Project. 

It is essential to have an overall understanding of field operations when preparing for supervision roles. Knowledge of the field works and how to interpret GI reports is vital. 

Last month, Bahrain Graduates (Husain, Noor, and Mahmood) alongside Lerika (Project Engineer) visited the Capital Waterfront project to observe the ongoing Geotechnical Investigation (GI). Lerika Eigelaar, Project Engineer at ByrneLooby in Bahrain and the Geotechnical Investigation lead from Al Hoty shared their knowledge and experience of the borehole works and testing procedures. The Geotechnical Investigation works carried out by Al Hoty were safe and well organised. All tools and equipment used in the appropriate spaces did not restrict any movement or impose any health and safety risks. All personnel on-site wore appropriate PPE and additional control measures for COVID-19, including face masks and maintaining a minimum distance of 1m were implemented. 


What Our Graduates Have to Say:


"Having been involved in this project from early on, I have found this to be an invaluable experience. I witnessed how the Geotechnical Investigation directly addressed the issues raised from the Site Condition Survey I took part in." - Husain Yusuf, Graduate Project Engineer, ByrneLooby.
"This has been a priceless experience, as it provided me with the opportunity to witness the borehole operation which supplies me with the necessary on-site to visualize and understand the process. Reading a borehole log report supports any future reviewing or preparing of the related specification." - Mahmood Mohammed, Graduate Project Engineer, ByrneLooby.
"Being on-site is always great as it gives an insight into how the projects progress and how the procedures are carried out. On this particular project, I got the opportunity to observe the Geotechnical Investigation works taking place. The biggest gain for me from this site visit was to know what to inspect when on a Geotechnical Investigation works site. It was a great learning experience." - Noor Alawi, Graduate Project Engineer, ByrneLooby.
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