Glass As A Construction Material

Glass As A Construction Material

At our May Seminar held at ByrneLooby London, Charlie Sharman, CEO and Founder of Cantifix Ltd. joined alongside his brother, Charlie They started their company in 1986, manufacturing and installing aluminium conservatories for the residential market in London. Cantifix, built their reputation from being able to tackle more complex and difficult shapes and specifications successfully working mainly alongside architects within all sectors of the industry including residential, commercial, leisure, not-for-profit, retail and public.

The idea of "building a glass structure by just sticking panels of glass together" was introduced to them in 1991 of which they successfully delivered and helped shape Cantifix for the future.

"Structural Glazing" has become an understandable term within the Construction industry and in this seminar, Charlie discussed the multiple elements of Glass as a Construction material:

- The definition of Structural Glazing

- Joining old to new

- U-Values

- Photovoltaics

- Nanogel

- Prismatic Glass

- UV bonding

- And more


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