Corporate Social Responsibility

We are Guided By ESG and UN Sustainable Development Goals  
We embed CSR into our culture, our work and our business.

ByrneLooby’s vision for corporate social responsibility is to make positive impacts across our pillars of People, Planet and Profit. We have linked our CSR policy to the appropriate UN SDGs and ESG goals.   Annually we have committed to measuring and reporting on these goals to continue to make a lasting difference through our work, the local communities in which we operate and for our staff across all our offices.

OUR PEOPLE: We are committed to providing workplaces where the health and wellbeing of our employees is a priority and where we encourage our employees to add social value in their communities. We encourage our staff to engage locally with communities and with not-for-profit entities to positively impact society. We also include charitable giving with fundraising and donations across a range of local causes in each of our fourteen offices. We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and ESG Goals as our roadmap to help deliver skill-based volunteering amongst our professionals for projects. Our staff give up their free time, using their knowledge and skills to provide lasting benefits for local communities with practical volunteering.

PLANET:  We are committed to our responsibility to the planet and understand how our work can affect future generations. This means achieving optimum solutions through proactive collaboration with clients and wider stakeholders and by minimising negative impacts and maximising positive benefits. We  always keep an eye on the “Big Picture” of a project, examining how it connects, impacts and depends on its surrounding complex ecosystem - infrastructure, services, the natural environment and businesses and people

PROFIT: We operate our business responsibly and transparently built around fairness, respect, openness and honesty. We have a zero-tolerance stance towards bribery and corruption and we provide clear guidance on what we expect of every staff member through a core set of communications. We help our employees understand our approach to ethics and how we comply with laws, quality, regulations and company procedures that apply to our activities.  At ByrneLooby, it is our collective responsibility to deliver positive social, economic, and environmental impacts through our work and through our people.

Our CSR Policy can be viewed below.