Resource Management

Balancing Water Resources and the Environment

Water scarcity is affecting more than 40% of the global population as climate change impacts hydrological cycles, increasing the frequency and intensity of flooding and drought events making water supplies unpredictable.   As part of our water and wastewater project delivery, ByrneLooby helps clients manage water supply and strengthen water security against the volatile backdrop of increasing demand, growing population, water scarcity,  uncertainty, demand variance and fragmentation challenges. We provide solutions that allow abstraction from ground and surface water sources in an environmentally sustainable manner and strive to minimise the impact on natural surface and groundwater sources. In the Middle East, our clients address resource scarcity by maximising the reuse of treated sewage effluent (TSE) to irrigate roadside vegetation in urban areas.  Our project experience includes large scale schemes for local drinking water, catchment management for a robust water supply, flood alleviation, erosion control and asset protection, providing solutions that enhance aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

We assist utilities, municipalities and local authorities:

  • To manage and develop water and wastewater infrastructure (both man-made and natural)
  • To optimise existing assets, address ageing infrastructure and integrate new and old assets
  • Provide information through our analysis and research to facilitate decision making, infrastructural planning and information systems
  • Advice on innovative technologies to enhance productivity, conserve and protect resources such as recycling stormwater and wastewater
  • Investigating new opportunities for sustainable solutions, such as enhanced water storage (aquifer recharge and recovery) and developing non-conventional water sources
  • Production well design and catchment protection
  • Desalination and reverse osmosis plants
  • Abstraction licencing and permitting
  • Source selection and protection
  • Treated sewage effluent process and irrigation network design

International key projects for our water team include the design and delivery of a major desalination RO plant (Reverse Osmosis) plant in Jubail,  Saudi Arabia which can provide 20,000m3/d of potable water from beach wells,  We provided TSE process and network design at various locations in Qatar including Al Khor, Al Dhakira and Al Shamal.   In respect of potable water production wells, we have designed and delivered Kingscourt County Cavan and Gorey, County Wexford.

Expertise In-Depth:

• Asset performance predictions
• BIM & digital engineering
• Cost/benefit analysis
• Data-driven optimisation modelling
• Hydraulic modelling
• Network calibration and verification
• Pipeline route selection and route proving
• Programme, Procurement, Tender and Project management
• Source protection
• Treatability assessments
• Treatment and Process Design
• Wastewater Treatment Plant, discharge licensing and dispersal modelling
• Water Treatment Plant, abstraction source and transfer pumping station