Drainage Networks

Assisting Public utilities with drainage infrastructure 

ByrneLooby provides a range of drainage consulting and DWMPs (Drainage Waste Management Plans) to manage surface run-off including traditional and SUDS methods.  Our approach considers the entire project lifecycle from feasibility to the investigation, construction to operation and maintenance.  We combine engineering solutions to provide drainage facilities based on site-specific challenges and develop solutions that complement and improve habitats, ecosystems, and amenities, wherever possible. We manage the full process including design, specification, construction supervision, and applications for consent to work within/discharge to affected watercourses including Section 50 (OPW, Ireland), Schedule 6 (DFI Rivers, Northern Ireland), Section 23 (England), controlled Activities Regulations (CAR) (SEPA, Scotland).

Our multidisciplinary experts consult across numerous disciplines, collaborating to provide the ultimate solutions:

  • Attenuation, detentions, infiltration systems
  • Contract administration
  • Drainage impact assessment
  • Ecological survey and impact assessment
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Nature-based solutions
  • Network calibration and verification
  • Permeable paving
  • Pipeline route selection and route proving
  •  Statutory approvals
  • Storage assessment and design
  • Swales and filter drains
  • Tender/contract documentation
Value engineering

Our expertise covers the entire project life cycle from brownfield site to operations, maintenance and optimisation 
  • Cities/Urban drainage
  • SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) advice
  • Drainage tunnels & pump stations
  • Design of watercourse infrastructure
  • Drainage strategies
  • Impermeable area surveys/runoff design
  • Drainage network modelling
  • Culvert design
  • Ground analysis
  • Environmental assessments

Notable projects including Blanchardstown Regional Drainage Scheme, Arklow Main Drainage, and Bray Shanganagh Drainage Scheme, working in partnership across stakeholders, local councils and authorities to add value and enhance communities and economic development.

Expertise In-Depth:

• Aerial /Lidar/ DTM surveys
• Catchment area modelling
• Cities/Urban drainage
• Coastal modelling
• Contract administration
• Design of flood defence systems
• Design of watercourse infrastructure
• Drainage network modelling
• Drainage strategies
• Drainage tunnels & pump stations
• Early flood warning systems
• Environmental Impact (EI) & Appropriate Assessments (AA)
• Feasibility studies
• Flood defence condition surveys
• Flood early warning systems
• Flood estimation
• Flood extent and hazard mapping
• Flood Relief Schemes (FRS)
• Flood resilience planning
• Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)
• Flood risk management plans
• Flood risk/hazard mapping
• Funding submissions
• Geomorphology Assessment
• Ground Investigations and Surveys (GIS)
• Hydraulic modelling in 1D, 2D and linked 1D-2D for coastal, pluvial, fluvial, drainage network
• Hydrodynamic modelling & assessment
• Hydrological studies
• Hydromorphology assessment
• Impermeable area surveys/runoff design
• Natural flood risk management measures
• Pumping station assessment and development
• River modelling
• Sediment transport
• SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) adviceTreatability assessments
• Surface water modelling
• Topographical & bathymetric survey management design
• Treatment and process design
• Ultrafiltration
• Utility diversion management & NOC procedures
• Value engineering
• Water resource management & licensing
• Water source development
• Water storage
• Water treatment and quality
• Water treatment plant, abstraction source and transfer pumping station