Ports and Harbours

Designing Next-Generation Ports and Harbours

Over 90% of the world’s goods are moved by sea, with many commercial ports and harbours needing to increase their capacity as volumes of transported goods increases. In addition, increased regulation and disruption within the maritime industry have resulted in a transformative phase for the master planning of ports.  Many port owners and operators are looking towards new revenue streams (for example renewable energy), improving their technology and upgrading and renewing facilities to accommodate larger vessels.  Our independent consultancy consists of a dedicated team of civil and marine engineers, environmental experts, surveyors and technicians.  Our multidisciplinary teams plan, design, and develop a wide range of port and harbour facilities across the sector, including large scale next-generation ports, RORO terminals, marinas and amenities and smaller projects such as fishing harbour remedial works in the UK, Middle East and Ireland.

Key Capabilities: 

  • Ports and harbours master planning and design
  • Design of marine structures
  • Coastal resilience and management
  • Coastal engineering and modelling
  • Mechanical and Electrical (M & E) services
  • Development of marine leisure amenities – marina & walkways, jetties, paving, drainage and floating infrastructure, inland waterways and canals
  • O & M facilities for offshore and onshore wind industries
  • Asset management

ByrneLooby has designed many commercial port facilities sized to accommodate some of the world’s largest ships.  These complex civil engineering projects require expertise in regulation and permitting, master planning, quay wall design, harbour dredging, marine ecology and many other specialist areas.  Our experts work with governmental bodies, private port operators, developers and large-scale marine contractors.  We utilise our extensive knowledge of detailed design and construction methodologies to develop buildable and cost-effective solutions to provide maximum value to our clients.

Our services extend into all stages of planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and training.


Expertise In-Depth:

• Breakwaters
• Containers and cargo terminal
• Dredging and fairway projects
• Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
• Feasibility and cost/benefit studies
• Field investigations
• Inspection and asset management
• Jetties and piers
• Landside infrastructure
• Master planning
• Navigational risk and channel design
• Port design projects
• Port extension projects
• Port infrastructure planning
• Port maintenance
• Port planning
• Port rehabilitation projects
• Port terminal planning
• Project management
• Quays and berthing structures
• Retaining walls
• Risk assessments
• Shoreline management
• Slipways and RORO berths
• Soil studies
• Vessel mooring and motion studies