Planning and Licensing

Helping Clients Deliver on the Consenting Process

Most marine developments will require consent, whether planning approval from a local authority, marine/foreshore consent from the state, or environmental permits from the relevant environmental protection agency.  In recent years, environmental legislation has tightened with increased constraints on the consenting process; we can provide early technical advice (for example, in relation to marine piling), which helps deliver a comprehensive environmental assessment, therefore, minimising consenting risks for a project.  For over 15 years, we have assisted clients in this area, bringing our technical understanding of planning, consenting and environmental legislation across our markets, providing marine consenting applications that align with technical requirements and legislation.  In addition, our construction supervision services assure clients that work for all types of port facilities are carried out in line with consents.

Our services help diverse clients from port authorities, local authorities, private commercial developers, contractors, consenting authorities, private enterprise groups, and the aquaculture sector.  For owners/operators of aquacultural farms, we provide licence applications, public notice coordination, public submission, responses, appeals and responses to the Aquaculture Licensing Appeals Board and aquaculture and foreshore licence execution.  Our technical services, include site identification, site surveying, mapping and GIS, Environmental Impact, Assessment (EIA), Appropriate Assessment (AA).

We can add value and reduce costs to prospective projects by collaborating across our in-house experts with multiple disciplines across consenting, environmental and ecological impact studies, geotechnical and structural design capabilities.

Whether your project is a small harbour, a greenfield international port development, or a port looking to upgrade or expand infrastructure, ByrneLooby has the experience to navigate regulations effectively and provide cost-effective, buildable and sustainable solutions.


Expertise In-Depth:

• Concept design
• Construction supervision & support (employer’s representative, resident engineer, contractor)
• Contaminated land management
• Dredging and disposal licences (Including dumping at sea licenses)
• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
• Environmental monitoring
• Feasibility studies
• Flood risk assessments
• Foreshore leases, licensing and consents;
• Marine licencing
• Marine mammal risk assessment
• Marine site investigation consenting
• Numerical and physical modelling
• Navigational risk assessments
• Outfall licensing
• Planning applications
• Stakeholder engagement
• Expert witness
• Socio-Economic Impact Assessments (SIA)
• Supervision of contracts and tender, procurement assistance

• Alab appeals
• Alternative technologies
• Appropriate Assessment (AA) and Natura Impact Statement (NIS)
• Aquaculture licensing
• Cage farms
• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
• Hydrological studies
• Landing infrastructure design
• Layout design and mapping
• Navigational risk assessments
• New, renewal and review pplications
• One-off site applications and large scale developments
• Oyster trestles, trestles and longlines
• Project management
• Sediment analysis and modelling
• Sustainability and resilience
• Water and soil quality analysis