Coastal Engineering

Developing Coastal Protection Measures

Many natural and manufactured coastlines come under threat of erosion from several factors such as wind, wave and tidal influences.  At ByrneLooby, our coastal engineers lead the planning, design and rehabilitation of coastal protection structures, dredging and reclamation projects, and beach management programmes.  We utilise state-of-the-art hydrodynamic and geomorphic modelling software to understand the influence of wave and current processes on structures and coastlines.  We complete complex wave and sediment transport analysis to provide practical design and operational performance data, which allows us to develop functional and robust coastal protection solutions. Our international coastal experience includes major middle eastern developments, large flood alleviation schemes and environmental enhancement projects in protected watercourses. 

We work with government bodies, developers and contractors to understand the environment and create sustainable and efficient developments.  In addition, we have designed schemes incorporating seawalls, breakwaters, revetments, groynes and jetties, successfully protecting coastlines and communities for the next century and beyond.


Expertise In-Depth:

• Artificial beaches
• Breakwater & groynes
• Dredging and reclamation
• Edge protection structures
• Floating pontoons
• Flood protection
• Outfalls and intakes
• Physical modelling
• Revetments
• Scour assessment
• Site investigations
• Submarine pipelines and cables