Flood Resilience Planning

Planning for Urban and Rural Resilience

Local authorities, councils, municipals and business generally implement flood resilience plans in areas prone to flood risk where practical measures can mitigate flood risk. Often, flood resilience planning is coupled with flood warning systems; however, successful measures can also be integrated into innovative designs (flood resilient design) to minimise flood damage.  We assist local authorities and businesses with flood resilience, including physical flood management solutions such as engineered defences, river training, nature-based solutions and coastal protection.  Our aim is to integrate water-sensitive design into our built environments that helps regenerate economies and is sensitive and protects precious ecosystems.  We have worked on developments where the receptors are highly vulnerable such as hospitals and nursing homes, helping them achieve a level of flood risk management and resilience to meet their corporate risk tolerance. 

We offer advice and consulting services in flood resilience planning:

Local Authorities and Government

  • Design and construction of resilient flood alleviation/defence schemes (engineered defences, river training, wetlands, catchment planning, coastal protection)
  • Development of flood forecasting and warning systems
  • Emergency and response planning
  • Nature-based solutions for water attenuation
  • Implementing sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS)
  • Inter-collaboration across county borders and local authorities

Businesses/individual properties

  • Asset flood-survey mapping for risk and resilience, pre-event and post-flood event
  • Risk assessments: categorisation of risks - fluvial (river), pluvial (rainfall), coastal (sea) and groundwater including the consideration of climate change
  • Providing resilient management measures for individual properties, such as demountable flood barriers, non-return valves and even flood compatible design

Expertise In-Depth:

• Aerial /Lidar/ DTM surveys
• Catchment area modelling
• Coastal modelling
• Contract administration
• Design of flood defence systems
• Early flood warning systems
• Environmental Impact (EI) & Appropriate Assessments (AA)
• Feasibility studies
• Flash flooding risk of natural drainage catchments and rivers
• Flood defence condition surveys
• Flood early warning systems
• Flood estimation
• Flood extent and hazard mapping
• Flood Relief Schemes (FRS)
• Flood resilience planning
• Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)
• Flood appraisal
• Flood risk management plans
• Flood risk/hazard mapping
• Funding submissions
• Ground Investigations and Surveys
• Hydrodynamic modelling & assessment
• Hydrological studies
• Natural flood risk management measures
• Pumping station assessment and development
• Residual flood risk planning
• River modelling
• Surface water modelling
• Topographical & bathymetric survey management