Modelling, Monitoring & Compliance

Setting And Keeping Standards

ByrneLooby has extensive experience in monitoring and modelling services for various environmental parameters, either as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), due diligence or short/long-term monitoring programmes.

We support the application of permits and modifications for emissions, noise, odour, water quality by collecting data, completing assessments through modelling, and liaising with regulators.  We tailor monitoring schemes for clients, depending on the regulatory guidelines and their requirements.

Our team secures permits, licenses and modifications, conducts assessments, measures ecological impacts and liaises with local regulators and authorities.  We collect, monitor and analyse data across various parameters; emissions, noise, odours, waste, air, water and oil.  We provide environmental impact assessments, air quality assessment, noise assessment, contaminated soil assessment, evaluation and treatment of hazardous wastes, design of engineered containment landfills, dumpsite remediation, hydrogeological studies and wetland treatment system design.  Our geo-environmental team co-ordinate monitoring schemes that follow permit requirements. 

We install boreholes, provide field monitoring technicians who can visit remote and location-sensitive sites, and audit existing monitoring infrastructure to ensure it is fit for purpose. We also work together with our marine team of specialist hydrodynamic modelling exercises to assess impact to marine environments with regards to effluent dispersion, flushing and water quality and oil spill mapping.  

Our team takes a holistic approach to data management, sampling monitoring points, acting as custodian of data, reviewing against compliance limits and presenting the data to the client or regulator.

Expertise In-Depth:

• Advection and air dispersion modelling
• Air quality and odour dispersion modelling
• Analysis and assessment of effluent discharges, water quality
• Beach stability and coastal evaluation
• Data logging and long-term monitoring
• Ecological baseline surveys and monitoring
• Flood risk assessment and modelling
• Flushing assessments and modelling - marine, coastal, river & oceans
• Hazard mapping
• Hydrodynamic modelling and assessments - surface water, river, marine & coastal
• Hydrological studies & assessment
• Marine & groundwater sampling and monitoring
• Marine and coastal hydrodynamic and flushing modelling
• Marine ecological surveys, assessments and monitoring
• Modelling - air, noise, vibration, odour dispersion, water & oil
• Siltation assessments
• Topographical and bathymetric survey and management
• CQA supervision and surveying