Environmental Impact Assessment, Planning and Permitting

Securing Permits and Licenses  

We understand the challenges of effective environmental planning and provide services to engage with stakeholders for collaboration, preferably from the start of the project.  Our environmental planning team helps develop plans in urban, energy, transportation, residential, or public infrastructure schemes that comply with local legislative provisions. 
We guide projects through the necessary compliance steps in planning and design, permitting and licensing, construction and operational phases. Our proactive liaison with local environmental regulators and planning authorities ensures that projects deliver the required compliance and maximise opportunities.  Our teams have in-depth knowledge of the environmental permitting regulations governed by environmental agencies in the UK, Ireland and the Middle East.  We can provide environmental impact assessment reports for large scale projects and smaller developments, including the specialist inputs that feed into the final analysis - such as geological, hydrogeological, ecological and surface water components. 

We provide environmental impact assessments, environmental planning and licensing and permitting for various clients across a range of sectors:

  • Development projects (infrastructure on land and sea)
  • Industry and manufacturing companies (steel, oil and gas, plastics)
  • Utilities (water, electricity, oil, gas)
  • Renewable energy industry 
  • Waste sector (closed landfill sites, USC plants, disused quarry sites)
  • Aquaculture (farms)
  • Government agencies, regulators and councils

Our team assists clients in waste management, including waste facilities, permitting and licensing, providing specialist input for environmental impact assessments, e.g. geological, hydrogeological and surface water components.  Our team also prepare feasibility studies and planning applications for the redevelopment of closed waste sites.  

We believe that early engagement in a project, coupled with the right advice and support, can help navigate pitfalls, gain approvals for permits and licenses and enhance sustainable project design.  We secure new permits and variations for all types of developments, including land and sea, energy and waste.  Our expertise in this field spans the entire project lifecycle, from initial environmental screening and scoping, planning and legal, compliance auditing, and monitoring to closed site management for clients in the waste sector.

Expertise In-Depth:

• Appropriate Assessment (AA)
• Climate resilience and preparedness
• Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
• Environmental assessment
• Environmental due diligence
• Environmental Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)
• Environmental Evaluation Report (EER)
• Environmental feasibility studies
• Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR)
• Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
• Environmental planning
• Environmental scoping report
• Expert witness
• Feasibility studies and planning applications for the redevelopment of closed sites
• Geomorphological, hydro-morphological studies
• GIS and mapping services
• Health and social impact assessments
• Instruction, management and publishing of surveyors data into clear, concise drawings
• Landscape and visual impact assessments
• Licensing and permitting
• Listed building and conservation area consents
• Master planning
• Materials and waste management plans (WMP)
• Natura Impact Statement (NIS)
• Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP)
• Permitting and licensing of waste facilities
• Public consultation and conflict resolution
• Public inquiry
• Site inspections, surveying, monitoring and reporting
• Site planning and development potential review
• Stakeholder management - public inquiry and social hearing
• Statutory planning advice
• Strategic and urban development planning and policy assessment
• Strategic environmental assessment
• Sustainability assessment
• Sustainable design
• Town centre strategy planning
• Transport planning and assessment
• Visual traffic and access studies of your organization

• Pro-active liaison with the environmental regulators and Planning Authorities.
• Post-closure restoration schemes using appropriate regulatory framework and permission.
• Negotiation of risk-based discharge consents for surface-runoff or low-risk leachate to sewer or surface water.
• Cost/benefit analysis of current post-closure management fees against likely surrender application costs.
• Risk-based applications for site closure, permit surrender, transfer, variation, multi-facility permit consolidation and new permits
• Review of subsistence fee calculations.
• Training of staff in post-closure landfill management