Climate Resilience

Mitigating Client Change

The effects of climate change can be observed worldwide with frequent abnormally high or low temperatures, extreme rainfall events, violent storms, sea-level rises, coastal surge and hazardous forest fires.  Climate change is making a significant impact on our resources – water, energy and infrastructure.

Our multi-disciplinary environmental and engineering team can advise on policy and outline measures to mitigate climate impacts.  Our experts work with you to deliver increased awareness of risks and vulnerabilities, create risk management plans, identify new opportunities, embed climate resilience in culture, decision-making, operations and planning.   We also assess existing assets and infrastructure to ensure they are robust and resilient.  Our teams are an integral part of flood relief schemes throughout Ireland and the UK, helping communities mitigate the negative impacts of flood events.  We have helped 'future proof' coastal defence schemes by applying numerical modelling, which guides the design phase to ensure resiliency in the face of sea-level rise and frequent storm events.

We strive to use our expertise to help build resilient communities, cities and infrastructure and help clients form policy to protect and enhance fragile ecosystems, the environment, businesses and people.


Expertise In-Depth

• Asset optimisation
• Biodiversity services
• Carbon accounting
• Climate risk screening: climate resilience and preparedness
• Equalities impact assessment
• Flood risk management strategies
• Human health impact assessment
• Hydrodynamic modelling
• Project management
• Stakeholder engagement and consultation
• Sustainable design
• Vulnerability and risk assessments