Transmission and Distribution

Powering to the grid 

Transitioning to a carbon-free, decentralised and renewable energy system is presenting challenges for utility operators and public-private partnerships (PPP).  Our teams have the specialist engineering, technical and management expertise to help clients, whether they are optimising existing systems or transitioning to a renewable or hybrid system.
We have an in-depth knowledge of how energy networks are rapidly changing and we strive to support clients by engineering safe and reliable power systems and refurbishment and rehabilitation of existing schemes.  Our main market segments include offshore and onshore substations, HV cables and overhead lines.

Our specialists provide specialist expertise:
  • Transmission and distribution connectivity
  • Grid connection and interconnections
  • Renewable energy integration
  • Forensic engineering
  • Geotechnical Support
  • Risk and asset management 
  • Reliability assessments
  • Substations (onshore and offshore)
  • Underground/submarine cables
  • Route planning

We can also provide technical, environmental and technical expertise to support:

  • Investment decisions
  • Project management
  • Management of the tendering and procurement processes
  • Construction supervision and commissioning
  • Operations and maintenance advisory services

Our expertise within HV cable design ranges from route planning, surveying and engineering to interface handling. Our engineers have experience working in both urban and remote rural areas and offshore, with transmission or wind farm array cables. We provide solutions for mast design and predesign covering geotechnical and topographical investigations.

Expertise In-Depth:

• Construction Management Services
• Energy Yield Analysis
• Energy Strategy and Master Planning
• Environmental Compliance Services
• Feasibility Studies
• Grid Connection
• Owner's Engineer
• Planning and permitting
• Plant Upgrades and Retrofits
• Power Collection systems
• Power Plant Engineering and Design
• Project design and implementation
• Project Development
• Site selection
• Waste to energy generation 
• Operation and Management Plans
• Siting and Permitting