Renewable Energy

Powering the Future with Renewable Clean Energy

ByrneLooby recognises the far-reaching potential of renewable energy and is committed to sustainability in our approaches.  Wind energy, for example, comes with many benefits – renewable, native, inexhaustible, non-pollutant; it reduces fossil fuels and the need for energy imports while creating wealth and local employment.  We make renewable energy projects come to life with civil and structural design, geotechnical and water expertise throughout the entire project lifecycle: project feasibility, planning, design, procurement, construction and commissioning phases.
Our teams have delivered many exciting projects, ranging from the award-winning Glenconway wind farm in the UK, which produces over 45MW of renewable energy, to the Askar Solar farm in Bahrain, a former landfill site converted into a 4km² solar energy facility.  We cover the technical, commercial, regulatory and environmental aspects of all renewable projects. 

Renewable Energy Expertise

  • Wind Energy (on-shore and off-shore)
  • Solar Energy
  • Hydro Energy (reservoirs, tidal and wave)
  • BioEnergy (waste to energy)

Connecting our expertise to create innovative, value-driven solutions

We work closely with energy owners, utilities, contractors, investors, semi-state bodies and government to plan, develop and construct energy projects.  We bring multidisciplinary expertise in wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, tidal, wave and waste to energy technologies.  Whether you require due diligence assessment, financial and technical analysis of an existing or proposed system, a site expansion or project construction management, our interconnected teams have the expertise to deliver on time with valuable practical solutions. We also offer digital engineering services (BIM) that can optimise asset performance and management, and provide energy-efficient grid infrastructure.  

Dedicated Team

Our global renewable energy team consists of over 100 specialist engineers whose experience spans marine, environmental, geotechnical and civil engineering disciplines.  Our wide-ranging services enable us to provide a holistic, integrated approach to projects across the entire lifecycle, from planning and assessment to operations and maintenance.  We combine technical skills with commercial and regulatory awareness and permitting expertise to assist our clients

Planning and Assessment

We conduct the necessary analyses to define site conditions that will guide foundations and turbine choice, for both onshore and offshore sites.  Studies in respect of offshore wind feasibility might include logistics planning, modelling, met-ocean data, geophysical and geotechnical investigations, wind studies, EIS and EIA, and navigational risk analysis.  Our team of environmental experts ensure impacts are assessed and monitored to the required international standards. We support clients through the consenting process to efficiently achieve approvals.

Engineering Design

Our engineering designers develop design solutions using state-of-the-art software for offshore structures, foundations, port development infrastructure and conceptual tender & design of turbines & transformer platforms.  Our teams have also contributed with full civil and geotechnical design (including culvert design, access tracks and infrastructure) for remote wind farm locations.  We are highly experienced in construction projects and utilise technical knowledge to design buildable solutions that offer our clients the best value. 

Procurement, Tending and Contract Management

We support our clients in identifying the most suitable contractor to deliver the project.  We provide project management, operational asset due diligence and technical quality assurance services to the construction phase and design and build projects, representing our clients to deliver projects on time and cost-effectively.

Operations and Maintenance

We design and deliver facilities that support offshore wind farms; from quayside installations to floating wind cat berths, our projects enable the safest and most efficient transfer of crew and equipment.  We help operators maintain their assets through Smart Asset Management programmes, including structural inspections and maintenance work.

Expertise In-Depth:

Civil engineering
Construction supervision
Commissioning and decommissioning
Due diligence
Dredging and reclamation
Ecological surveys & studies
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
Feasibility studies and appraisals
Geotechnical and geophysical engineering
Ground investigation
Infrastructure design and delivery
Integrated offshore and onshore grid Connection
Hydrodynamic modelling
Logistics studies
Land remediation (waste to energy)
Marine spatial planning
Met-Ocean data
Navigational risk assessment
Offshore and onshore wind farms
Operations and Maintenance (O&M) facilities
Port development infrastructure
Planning and marine licence application
Renewable energy planning
Research and innovation
Scour assessments
Site management and remediation
Smart asset management programmes
Turbine assessment