Temporary Works - Buildings

Temporary Works in Buildings

Temporary works are an essential part of the construction process, undertaken before permanent construction can begin. The efficient design and integration of temporary works solutions have the potential to deliver substantial cost and program savings for large building projects.

ByrneLooby engineers work closely with building contractors to understand their preferred construction techniques and to develop temporary works solutions that fit hand-in-hand with these methodologies. We regularly suggest and design alternative permanent works that, when integrated with smart temporary works, streamline the overall construction project.
As well as temporary structural support, ByrneLooby is experienced in providing earthworks support, crane and piling platforms, working platforms, temporary traffic diversions, utility diversions, environmental plans, dewatering or other bespoke requirements.

With our specialist skills in geotechnics, structural and civil engineering, our consultants can manage the entire building construction process from bespoke temporary works to permanent works supervision. We combine our seasoned construction experience with rigorous design processes to prioritise safety. Our temporary works designs can often provide a competitive advantage for our clients by developing intelligent solutions.

ByrneLooby offer a comprehensive temporary works design service:

  • Deep excavations
  • Tunnelling
  • Building structures
  • Civil engineering structures


Expertise In-Depth:
  • BIM
  • Bespoke temporary works requirements
  • Crane and piling platforms
  • Dewatering
  • Earthworks support
  • Environmental plans
  • Falsework & formwork systems
  • Sequencing of earthworks
  • Smart Temporary Works
  • Staged construction
  • Temporary structural support
  • Temporary traffic diversions
  • Utility diversions
  • Working Platforms