Swords Wastewater Treatment Plant -Phase 2A Expansion

Swords Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase 2A Expansion

An upgrade and expansion of the Swords Wastewater Treatment Plant will see treatment capacity rise from a population equivalent of 60,000 to 90,000 on completion. The previous capacity had placed a constraint on development in the area in recent years. A particular challenge on this project was to achieve a high-quality discharge effluent for both the expansion and the existing plant, due to the sensitive nature of the receiving waters in Dublin Bay. This was achieved using tertiary treatment by filtration, and disinfection using ultra-violet treatment.

Swords Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase 2A Expansion

Our Role

ByrneLooby was responsible for the detailed design, procurement and construction supervision of the expansion. The existing plant remained operational during the works and this required close cooperation from all parties. A major concern for the client was to address odour issues due to the plant’s close proximity to the Swords community. ByrneLooby worked to alleviate the client’s concerns, modelling the odour impact and identifying appropriate mitigation measures. These included ensuring that all new processes were fully enclosed, with odour treatment provided on all extracts.

Swords Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase 2A Expansion 1