Mobile Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant

Mobile Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant 1

ByrneLooby provided an international remediation contractor with design advice on the treatment of oil sludges stored in large lagoons at several oil refineries in China. Following an appraisal of the technological options available, our solution outlined the optimum process for emptying the lagoons, treatment of sludges and managing the residues.

The design provided for treatment of 65 m3/hr of sludges and water with a hydrocarbon processing rate of 25 m3/hr. The remediation targets set included oils recovery with <5% solids and <0.5% water and discharge water with a hydrocarbon content limit of 4 mg/l.

Mobile Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant 1

Our Role

Our brief was to deliver a modular, transportable waste plant to incorporate the following features:

• Preliminary solids sieving
• Steam generation using recovered hydrocarbons as a support fuel
• Preliminary steam heating
• Flocculant addition
• Centrifuge separators (solid / liquid separation)
• Secondary steam heating (oil-water separation)
• Decanting tank
• Aqueous phase polishing stage
• Oil and water storage tanks


The design approach was supported by advice on the development of a sampling and testing programme, laboratory-scale pilot trial methodology and a Mass & Energy Balance analysis. Using our recommendations, our client prepared the tender contract to clean up the lagoons.

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