Four Seasons Residences

Four Seasons Residences 1

The Four Seasons Residences Development, situated in Bahrain Bay, includes a twin residential building, two levels of basement and a pedestrian footbridge connecting the existing Four Seasons Island to the proposed development.

Four Seasons Residences 1

Our Role

The client MSCEB appointed ByrneLooby to conduct a hydrodynamic modelling study to determine the hydrodynamic forces that will be exerted on the pedestrian bridge piers.

In addition, ByrneLooby were requested to assess the stability of the existing quay wall and to develop an additional section of the wall.
We conducted 2D Hydrodynamic Modelling (HD) assessment and Spectral Wave (SW) analysis to investigate current marine conditions and extreme wave activity specifically on the support piers of the proposed pedestrian bridge. This analysis was to inform the loading in the hydrodynamic design.

Four Seasons Residences 2