Edwin Richards Quarry

Edwin Richards

Edwin Richards Quarry was a former hard rock quarry over 80 metres deep located in an urbanised area west of Birmingham in the Midlands, UK. It had been partially infilled with municipal wastes but then mothballed after waste inputs reduced as a result of increased recycling and rising landfill taxes. Over 5 million cubic metres of void remained at the site and the unrestored quarry posed an ongoing stability and safety hazard.

The multinational utilities company which operates the site is one of the largest waste management companies in the UK. The Byrne Looby team were able to advise them on how to re-permit the site to complete its restoration using a specific range of non-hazardous wastes, make use of the remaining airspace asset and realise the development potential of the wider site

Edwin Richards

Our Role

We worked closely with the client's estates team to develop a forward master plan for the whole site, support their planning application and prepare the permit variation application to the Environment Agency. We were successful in obtaining the permit variation which provided for a highly efficient methodology of infilling the site, both in construction cost and landfill tax-saving terms.


The permit variation application was complex involving the preparation of quantitative groundwater and geotechnical risk assessments and innovative waste acceptance protocols. Subsequently, a separate permit was secured for a hazardous soil wastes treatment facility on the site. Byrne Looby has also installed new environmental monitoring boreholes and provides ongoing regulatory compliance advice.

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