Brexit Works at Dublin Port

Brexit Works at Dublin Port 1

As part of Dublin Port's preparation for the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union (EU), new storage/quarantine warehouses, other customs infrastructure and associated underground stormwater attenuation tanks are being constructed on the Bond Drive Extension.

Brexit Works at Dublin Port 1

Our Role

The main contractor, PJ Hegarty, appointed ByrneLooby to advise on the waste management of the excess soils generated from construction works, as data from previous site investigations were limited. ByrneLooby supervised the excavation of 21 trial pits from two different construction phases to analyse soil samples for waste classification and advised appropriate disposal at a suitable waste facility. Using Irish landfill acceptance and HazWasteOnline™ software criteria (Under EU legislation), the soil samples were classified as either hazardous or non-hazardous based on their chemical composition. Our team also produced excavation plans to enable the contractor to excavate soils without mixing various soil categories.

Brexit Works at Dublin Port 3


Based on the results of the first phase construction works, our report found contaminated soils at the planned location of the underground tanks. These potentially contaminated soils would require appropriate disposal at a relatively high cost. We recommended additional investigation and worked with the client to identify areas for further investigation and testing. Following a study in these targeted areas, the results revealed 'mild' contamination, which meant the client could get the scheme designer to change the underground tanks to a new location, thus saving disposal costs.

Brexit Works at Dublin Port 2