Bishopton Development - Wetland Treatment System

Wetland Treatment System 1

ByrneLooby assisted BAE Systems at their large Bishopton redevelopment site to manage a challenging effluent treatment problem using a 2,000 m2 reed bed and integrated leachate management system. Following design and construction, the system was commissioned via biological process and is now operational.

Wetland Treatment System 1

Our Role

As part of the remediation of this former munitions production site, contaminated soils were excavated and placed in a landfill. The leachate arising from the landfill is treated in a wetland system before discharge into the local surface water system. The design incorporated contingencies for any expansion of the landfill. Our plan included degrading leachable contaminants from a parallel soil washing pad before discharge into a nearby surface watercourse.


The integrated system adopted provides for a sustainable solution to deal with intermediate strength landfill leachates, where ammonia concentrations are below the average threshold for conventional treatment plants (<200 mg/l) but above that usually treated in reed beds (5 to 20 mg/l).

Wetland Treatment System 2