Bahrain Steel Mooring OSCP & WMP

Bahrain Steel Mooring OSCP & WMP

Bahrain Steel proposed the upgrade of the existing mooring system at their facility in Hidd. The primary activity performed at the existing jetty is unloading of predominantly Iron Ore for processing in the Bahrain Steel Plant.

The purpose of the mooring upgrade facility is to improve efficiency and general safety and will involve the addition of two new dolphins, each anchored by four piles. A walkway will span between the dolphins which will also be supported by piles.

Bahrain Steel Mooring OSCP & WMP

Our Role

ByrneLooby was appointed to undertake the Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP) and Waste Management Plan (WMP) for the jetty facilities, as required by the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE).

The OSCP provided a risk assessment of the potential for an oil spill to occur during normal operations and established an appropriate emergency response plan in line with local and international guidelines, including MARPOL and ROPME, as well as the National Oil Spill Response Plan in Bahrain.

The Waste Management Plan (WMP) highlighted areas of waste generation and action plans for the appropriate storage and disposal of this waste in line with Supreme Council for Environment guidelines

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