Amaala Service Marinas

Amaala Service Marinas

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) Development Management Organisation established the blueprint for AMAALA as an ultra-luxury destination along Saudi Arabia’s northwestern coast, the Red Sea. Spanning over 4,155 square kilometres of unspoiled terrain, the development consists of three integrated 7-star luxurious new resort destinations, namely, Triple Bay, The Island and The Coastal Development. The development broke ground in 2020 and all phases will be completed in line with the realisation of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Amaala Service Marinas

Our Role

Amaala appointed ByrneLooby to provide marine and coastal engineering consultancy services to develop and deliver two construction and service marinas located at the coastal development and the island. The construction marinas are required to enable the delivery of construction materials, equipment and personnel to and from the mainland of Saudi Arabia and The Island. As part of the permanent master plan, we have designed the construction marinas to be developed as later service marinas to enable the continued serving of the island. The permanent marinas have been designed to include sophisticated superyacht facilities to accommodate vessels up to 150m in length.

ByrneLooby delivered an extensive scope of works which included site assessments and survey specifications, numerical modelling studies of wave transformation, hydrodynamic, flushing and wave disturbance and the marine design of the predominate structures including quay walls, revetments, breakwaters, berthing facilities and temporary works for the construction marina basin.



ByrneLooby's extensive modelling capabilities enabled the masterplans and internal layouts to be interrogated to derive favourable solutions for both marina flushing and wave disturbance for vessel tranquillity. ByrneLooby engineers coordinated the requirement for both the construction and permanent project stage to develop cost-effective solutions which delivered both stages under budget and achieved the construction programme requirement.

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