Al Jubail SWRO Desalination Plant Phase 2

Al Jubail SWRO Desalination Plant Phase 2

Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) are constructing phase 2 of its existing desalination plant within the Eastern province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al Jubail. ByrneLooby was appointed by Al Hassanain Co. through an EPC contract to deliver the marine works package detailed design for the intake and outfall pipelines and all associated structures.

Al Jubail SWRO Desalination Plant Phase 2

Our Role

As the Al Hassanain Co. engineering designer, ByrneLooby's primary role included the detailed design of all scope items associated with the intake and outfall pipelines. This included detailed analysis of the hydraulic modelling, on-bottom stability, pipe stress calculations, structural design of reinforced concrete anchor block collars and intake tower, outfall diffuser design, battery limit connections and constructability assessments. Within the design, ByrneLooby delivered reporting for each key design item as well as IFC drawings which included all reinforced concrete rebar scheduling.​

Al Jubail SWRO Desalination Plant Phase 2 (2)


ByrneLooby design enabled the delivery of significant infrastructure which included HDPE pipeline diameters of 3.0m and 2.8m for the intake and outfall respectively. ByrneLooby worked closely with Al Hassanain Co. to ensure material preferences were included within the design which assisted Al Hassanain Co. procurement programme. ByrneLooby design reflected Al Hassanain Co. construction methodology including lifting and casting sequences and provided construction assistance with pipe pull out requirements and sinking methodologies. ​

Our design engineers located within the Middle East were well-positioned to mobilise on to the project, attend design workshops and meetings and conduct site visits if and when required. Our hands-on approach allowed a high level of service for our client, Al Hassanain Co. and the employer, SWCC.​