ByrneLooby Bahrain sink plane for Diver's Pleasure

ByrneLooby Bahrain sink plane for Diver's Pleasure

ByrneLooby Bahrain assist AdvisAvia with the installation and sinking of a Boeing 747 for the world's largest underwater theme park set to open off the shores of Bahrain.

ByrneLooby Bahrain have been appointed to assist AdvisAvia with the installation of a B747 to be sunk as a dive site in Bahrain. ByrneLooby will undertake Marine Modelling to determine the expected current speeds and subsequent loading pertaining to the design of the support frames and potential scour around the foundations.

Furthermore, Structural analysis and design will be undertaken which will develop the B747 structural support scheme and anchors/foundations to include the production of design drawings

ByrneLooby Bahrain has a wealth of marine and coastal design and environmental experience on a range of international projects. Our Marine Resident Engineers in Bahrain focus on providing our clients with solution driven designs in all aspects of marine and port design and supervision. The launch of the world’s largest underwater theme park includes several structures in addition to a submerged Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, as it’s centrepiece. Artificial man-made coral reefs and sculptures, all fabricated from eco-friendly materials will be submerged into a 100,000sqm to provide a safe habitat for marine life. This under water park will open in the coming weeks to diving enthusiasts and visitors before the summer of 2019.


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