01 Oct 2019

Congratulations to the team in the Leeds office of TerraConsult who are celebrating their first year of operation. They have successfully obtained market share in the geo-environmental consultancy sector in the Yorkshire and Humber region as well as supporting other clients throughout the UK.

Primarily providing services relating to the redevelopment of brownfield land the team have worked for a variety of clients in the industrial, commercial, residential and energy sectors. Associate Director and Leeds Office manager Brad Hall is delighted with the amount of repeat business and referrals they are getting. The Leeds offices made a significant contribution to the Grangemouth Remediation Project in Scotland undertaken by TerraConsult, which involved extensive ground investigation works and a sophisticated soil and groundwater decontamination exercise. Over 300 monitoring and injection wells were installed across the site, followed by the successful application of Dual-Phase Vapour Extraction (DPVE) and Chemox treatment to remove a range of hydrocarbon contaminants. The contract benefited greatly from the input of Mike Harper from the Leeds office, who has extensive experience of large scale contamination remediation projects.

The Leeds office offers a wide range of services including Desk studies, Coal Mining Risk Assessments, Ground Investigations, Ground and Groundwater Risk Assessments, Remediation Strategies, MMPs, input to EIA’s and verification of soil remediation and gas protection installation works. The intention is to continue to expand and with the support of the wider ByrneLooby group provide an extended range of professional services to its increasing client base.

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