04 Jul 2019

To close this season of our Seminar Series, we invited Tom Spurrier from Hoare Lee who leads the Sustainability team within Hoare Lea’s London office, and has over 12 years’ experience working as an environmental engineer in the UK and internationally.

He specialises in building performance simulation and environmental assessments, on a diverse range of projects, from international football stadiums in the middle-east to visitor centres in the wetlands of Kent.

With the recent increased focus on human-centric design, increasingly his goal on projects is to help deliver healthy buildings, whilst continuing to minimises environmental impacts.

A key recent project has been Deloitte’s award winning new 24,000m2 London office HQ at New Street Square. Tom led the team developing and then delivering bespoke sustainability and health & wellbeing strategies for the project.

In this Seminar, Tom discussed the driving forces behind what went in to the delivery of

1 New Street Square as well as covering the following:

- Driving Cultural Change within the Workplace

-Deloitte's commitment to Sustainability, Wellbeing and Intelligent Technologies

-Innovative thinking in Design

-Aiming for industry-recognised excellence

1 New Street Square is a workplace that truly benefits people and our planet.

Alongside delivery of a complex workplace brief, this project has led the way in demonstrating that environmental sustainability and user-centric design can go hand-in-hand in an innovative and replicable manner.

1 New Street Square scored a record 94% BREEAM score, far exceeding the ‘Outstanding’ threshold, and becoming the highest scoring BREEAM 2014 Refurbishment project in the world.

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