Successfully Completed the CPD Certificate in Professional Engineering from Engineers Ireland


We want to congratulate our Irish based engineers from our Graduate Programme who recently completed the CPD certificate in Professional Engineering from Engineers Ireland and TU Dublin. The Level 9 CPD Certificate programme took place online and is designed to enable recent graduates to gain the competencies and professional standards expected in the workplace. The course was delivered over a six-month period, on a part-time basis, and comprised of six mandatory module components, designed to provide a structured learning experience for graduates to hone their professionalism, adaptability and resilience in an engineering context.

Hear from three graduates on their experience of the course, who were among the first cohort to complete the training entirely online:


Kerk Hortillo, Graduate Engineer, Water Division Dublin, commented: “The CPD in Professional Engineering from Engineers Ireland was certainly an interesting, insightful learning experience, and I found it very beneficial to my personal life and career path. The modules I have completed have helped me unlock and develop certain skills in the last six months. It was a great learning curve to enhance my skills and knowledge. Also, I enjoyed learning and getting to know my peers participating in the course and the lecturers. I highly recommend new graduates to partake in this programme as it can enhance their skills and qualifications in their engineering career path.”


Seán Byrne, Graduate Engineer, Water Division Dublin commented: “The course was great for improving my skills in the professional environment. Each module provided me with different key insights to perform better, more efficiently and with more confidence. Some of the more beneficial modules included “Communication and Presentation Skills”, “Time Management and Organisational Skills”, and “Technical Report Writing”. The course also taught me how to deal with stress and to be conscious of when it occurs. I have since implemented a few basic measures to help myself deal with stress. It was a very beneficial learning experience.”


Minnie Feakes, Graduate Engineer, Cork, commented: “The training course in Professional Engineering provided an opportunity to reflect on my professional behavioural characteristics, look into methods for improving organisation both on a personal and a project management level, and learn additional skills in excel and report writing. It was an enjoyable and engaging course, and I would recommend it to anyone at the beginning of their engineering career.”

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