ByrneLooby responds to COVID 19

ByrneLooby responds to COVID 19

As a quick update on ByrneLooby’ s Covid-19 Response, the team are working remotely and our Business Continuity Plan is entirely in place to ensure we continue delivering quality work during this period. ByrneLooby has implemented this approach to allow us to protect our staff, their families and the greater community while maintaining our commitment to our clients. We are urging everybody to stay at home, to respect the COVID 19 protocols to save lives and help the frontline Health Service teams.

Safety is always a priority for ByrneLooby, which is especially true now as we are facing an unprecedented situation as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Our leadership teams across all our offices are working hard to keep our people informed and prepared to take care of themselves and their families through this time of uncertainty.

We are continuously monitoring COVID-19 updates from Department of Health, HSE HSE Guidelines, NHS and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as following their guidance.

ByrneLooby is committed to supporting our clients and providing continuity of service at all times, throughout the course of this pandemic. We have extensive cloud-based collaboration and design capabilities for our staff to communicate with each other and with you. To date, all of our offices have maintained all business processes resulting in no disruptions to client services. The quarantine/lockdown requirements have not restricted our capability to support you. We are confident that our technology platforms and remote working arrangements will enable us to continue serving our clients.

Our people, our clients and their projects and safety will be our focus as we move forward through these uncertain times. We hope everybody stays safe in these challenging times. - Michael Looby, Water & ME Managing Director

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