M8/M73/M74 scheme

Nov 21, 2016

As temporary works designers for the M8/M73/M74 scheme located east of Glasgow, ByrneLooby has provided multidisciplinary support for a multinational joint venture carrying out the £500million road improvement scheme.  Last month, Transport Scotland released a video of a section of the works showing a considerable number of elements designed by a collective ByrneLooby team, covering engineers from Belfast, Dublin, Guildford and Galway offices which can be viewed by clicking here

The beginning of the video shows North Calder Water Bridge, the flagship structure of the scheme, where ByrneLooby was involved in the placement of 70m long bridge beams (see June's newsletter).  Following the M8 eastwards is the Shawhead Junction with temporary bridge propping, temporary propping foundations and a temporary crane pad designed by ByrneLooby still in place and operational today.  The accommodation bridges have also had major temporary works involvement by ByrneLooby designers earlier in the scheme with temporary foundations, deck propping, slope stability and platforms among other things, being provided by many teams throughout ByrneLooby offices. 

A partially complete Bargeddie footbridge is also visible at 2:05 minutes into the video.  On the night of the 15/10/2016, the M8 motorway was closed to facilitate placement of the remainder of the bridge over the existing M8.  As per the placement of the initial bridge section visible in the video, there was again involvement from numerous disciplines and design teams within the ByrneLooby Group to provide temporary works support for the placement of the second section of the bridge. The Belfast office developed the crane platform design for the lift and Claudio in Dublin carried out Category 3 design checks on the bridge structure in its temporary condition, the bridge lifting plans and the lifting equipment.

Following the M8 north is the Bargeddie Road bridge with ByrneLooby designing the working platforms, temporary foundation designs and slope stability assessments associated with this large structure.  The video ends at the Braehead Bridge with the partially demolished Bredisholm Bridge in the background. On the night of the 15/10/2016, the M8 motorway was closed in order to demolish the remainder of the bridge which is visible in the video.  The Belfast office developed a working platform solution which could be placed and removed overnight, was capable of supporting heavy plant and would protect the existing road surface while in use.  Claudio Grandi from the Dublin office developed bridge pier support brackets to ensure a controlled demolition of the structure, as well as undertaking Category 3 checks on all the demolition plans. 

A video of the demolition is available here.

As the scheme progresses towards its final stages, ByrneLooby has also been involved in the design of the temporary works required to facilitate placement of numerous sign gantry foundations.  50Nr piling platforms have been developed to support the plant associated with the placement of the road sign gantries in association with hard shoulder assessments to ensure temporary diversions can be facilitated as part of the construction works.