Temporary Works for the Structure on the M8 Scheme in Glasgow

Jul 26, 2016

Byrnelooby completed the Temporary Works for the structure on the M8 scheme in Glasgow as a joint office venture. The project was managed from the Belfast office:

  • Belfast created the design of the crane platform and the slope stability assessment of the embankment under the crane load.
  • Dublin carried out the assessment of the beam stability when the beams landed. 
  • Previously, Galway had also assessed the stability of the abutment reinforcement cages as they were being craned into position, have designed a precast beam lifting system to place the precast sections of the structure, have designed a bespoke temporary access system and are currently designing a cantilevered platform to facilitate the deck pour.

You can view the North Calder water beam lift video by clicking here and some more information about the lift can be found by clicking here