Jul 26, 2016

UK Director David, attended the Sheet Piling Group meeting at Canary Wharf, London to present the design of Wood Wharf cofferdam on Thursday 23rd June and to take the delegates to see the site.  The group included sheet piling contractors, equipment suppliers and consultants involved in the design of steel sheet piling.  

David presented the design of the combi wall cofferdam, including the construction techniques adopted to install the tubes through the underlying Lambeth Group.  The presentation also covered the design of the piling platform created within the drained dock by surcharging the underlying dock silt with dredged aggregates.

ByrneLooby also designed the temporary propping to allow the 6m deep excavation below water to be extended to 8m deep to form the deep reinforced concrete foundation raft for the proposed 56-storey tower over part of the area of the cofferdam.