Meccano Bridge - Belfast

Nov 06, 2015

On Saturday 19th September the new Meccano Bridge was unveiled in Clarendon Dock, Belfast. The bridge, which extends 100 feet across the River Lagan, was confirmed by a Guinness World Records official to be the largest Meccano structure ever built, with over 11,000 pieces of lightweight metal used in its construction.

Hundreds of people came to Clarendon Dock for the event. Among them was ByrneLooby's Danny Glynn who was invited by Queens University Belfast and McLaughlin & Harvey (sponsoring contractor for the event) to be one of the select few to be harnessed up to walk across the bridge on the record breaking day.

Civil engineering students at Queen's University Belfast built the 600kg bridge as part of Belfast's Big Bridge Build project, an initiative that encourages young people to pursue STEM careers. Local schoolchildren also had the opportunity to help with its construction.

Danny McPolin, Senior Structures Lecturer at Queen's School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering, said: "With a growing skills shortage in civil engineering, we hope that our work will encourage more children to consider the study of civil engineering and other STEM subjects."