ByrneLooby donates €2,500 to Gorgeous Georgia

Oct 19, 2015

ByrneLooby have generously donated €2,500 to support Gorgeous Georgia’s quest to build a sensory room and soft play area in Oatfield Avenue in Clondalkin.  

The donation is part of ByrneLooby’s internal Employee Recognition Award Programme, ‘ByrneLooby in your Community’, where employees are encouraged to nominate a local charity they feel would benefit from this charitable donation. Sarah Bonner nominated Georgia Byrne after she heard about her story from Georgia’s auntie Michelle earlier this year. Sarah has been an Office Administrator with ByrneLooby for over 14 years.

Georgia was born on 25th November 2014, two weeks later she required an operation to open her eyes. After the operation it was discovered she was severely  visually impaired and no corrective surgery will ever give her the ability to see. Jake, her older brother (nearly 3 years of age), suffers from childhood arthritis which could lead to future blindness. As a result his disease is monitored every three months.

Aisling and Michael Byrne (parents) were advised to build a sensory room in their home. The doctors recommend this facility as when children are motivated to explore their environment they often push themselves beyond their normal limits.


Pictured above L-R: Sarah Bonner, Georgia, Michael and Aisling Byrne, John Byrne (Manging Director, ByrneLooby)           Pictured above: Georgia with her father Michael Byrne

The family are trying to fundraise €30,000 to build this facility not only for their children to benefit but for all children in the community. Their hope is to give local access so the people of West Dublin can take advantage of this much needed but hard to come by resource. They will open this room to all children in the area suffering from sight loss, physical limitations or who are highly distractible. This resource will be available free of charge and will include a variety of lights, textures and smells. This is a non-profit cause.

John Byrne, Managing Director comments “ByrneLooby are delighted to contribute €2,500 towards this worthwhile cause, and we hope it brings benefit not only to Georgia and her family but to the wider West Dublin community for many years to come”.

The simple pleasures and joys that children experience running, playing and enjoying a day outside are sometimes not available for children with special needs. Due to limitations, they don’t experience or are unable to interact with their surroundings, limiting their sensory experiences. Multi-sensory stimulation is as necessary for survival as food and water.

To date Gorgeous Georgia has raised over €20,000 from local donations. With just €10,000 off their target it is hoped the sensory room will be open to all in the community by summer next year.

If you would like to make a donation to help Gorgeous Georgia achieve her goal you can via her paypal account using her email address or email Aisling directly on for additional payment options.