Arklow Water Supply Scheme

Feb 24, 2014

The Arklow Water Supply Scheme was designed to improve the quality and quantity of the water supply for Arklow Town.  Byrne Looby PH McCarthy’s appointment to the Arklow Water Supply Scheme dates back to 2001 and we were responsible for the delivery of the Preliminary Report, obtaining all required planning permissions, preliminary and detailed designs and the construction administration of all contracts delivered under the scheme.

Potable water for Arklow is currently provided by a treatment plant at Ballyduff at which raw water abstracted from the Goldmines River is treated. The existing treatment plant delivers 4.5 ML of potable water per day. The treated water is pumped to three storage reservoirs at Lamberton from where the water is distributed throughout the town.

The Arklow Water Supply Scheme has been divided into a series of contracts that have included site investigation works, production well drilling contracts and pipelaying contracts. The various contracts and their current status are as follows:

  • Contract 1:          Production Well Drilling (PW1 – PW5) (completed 2007);
  • Contract 1A:       Production Well Drilling (PW6 – PW16) (completed 2009);
  • Contracts 1B&1C:  Advance Civil & M&E Contracts at PW12 (completed 2010);
  • Contract 2:          Trial Well Drilling and Directional Drilling (completed 2005);
  • Contract 3:          Collector Mains Contract (completed 2012);
  • Contract 4:          DBO Abstraction and Water Treatment Works (contract ongoing);
  • Contract 6A:       DBO Enabling Works Contract (completed 2011);
  • Contract 6B:       Lamberton Reservoir Refurbishment Works (awaiting departmental approval).

Contract 4 involves the construction of a new water treatment plant on a greenfield site adjoining the existing Ballyduff Treatment works site. The new treatment plant will receive raw water from three number wellfields (previously developed under Contracts 1 & 2 of the scheme) and the current abstraction from the Goldmines River. The treated water will be delivered to the existing reservoirs at Lamberton for distribution to Arklow. The new treatment works will be capable of delivering 6.2 Ml/day. 

Contract 4 is a DBO contract being delivered under the FIDIC Orange Book Conditions of Contract. A joint venture team of AECOM Craddock were appointed as the DBO Contractor in February 2013. The construction programme is 90 weeks and the Contractor is currently on schedule to complete the construction phase in December 2014.   

The contract is being administered by the Water Services Team in Dublin and has involved inputs from our Structural Team together with M&E inputs from our Cork office. A site visit was held on Friday 7th of February which was attended by a group from the Water Services Team together with members of Wicklow County Council, Arklow Town Council and Irish Water. Representatives from Wicklow County Council and AECOM Craddock welcomed all attendees to site, gave an introduction to the history of the Arklow Water Supply Scheme and conducted a tour of the site, explaining the various treatment processes that will be employed at Ballyduff.

The site visit was an excellent way of providing all those who have worked on the scheme with the chance to view the fruits of their labour and was enjoyed by all. As the weather on the day was less than favourable, we were thankful that the roof of the treatment works building had been completed earlier that week!