TBM Breakthrough at Lusail City Construction Package 4

Dec 20, 2013

Lusail City Construction Package 4 is a major highway and infrastructure project in Qatar’s largest urban planning project, the Lusail City development.  Byrne Looby were engaged by Midmac-Yuksel to undertake the detailed design for almost 4.5km of 2.4m-3.0m diameter surface water tunnels and shafts as part of this $460 million project. 

Last month, the tunnel boring machine used to excavate the surface water tunnels emerged, as seen in the picture, after boring through 495m of rock, almost 15m below ground level. The TBM progressed at 8-10m per day with waste ground pumped up to the surface as a slurry and settled out to allow re-circulation of the water. The surface water tunnel system has a diameter of 3m and the annulus between pipe and rock is grouted once the pipe is in place between the temporary access shafts.