Byrne Looby Director Awarded John Mitchell Medal

Nov 22, 2013

The John Mitchell Medal is awarded annually by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) for the best paper in geotechnical practice, site-based innovation, or geotechnical safety. The medal was instituted in 2008 in memory of the prominent geotechnical engineer John Mitchell, who was killed while observing piling works at a central London site in 1990.

Byrne Looby Partners are honoured to be the recipients of the medal for the 2nd time. In 2009 the medal was awarded to Michael Looby (Byrne Looby Partners) and Dr. Mike Long (University College Dublin) for their paper “Deep Excavations in Dublin Recent Developments”. This paper discusses the performance of deep excavations in Dublin Boulder Clay and includes case studies and a database with details of excavations, support types and wall movements across the city.

This year the medal was jointly awarded to:

- Michael Long, Senior Lecturer, University College Dublin, Ireland

- Carl Brangan, Postdoctoral Researcher, University College Dublin Ireland

- Christopher Menkiti, Senior Partner, Geotechnical Consulting Group, London, UK

- Michael Looby, Director, Byrne Looby Partners, Dublin, Ireland

- Patrick Casey, Associate, ARUP Consulting Engineers, Dublin, Ireland

The award winning paper “Retaining Walls in Dublin Boulder Clay” is an evolution of Long and Looby’s 2009 paper examining the behaviour of deep excavations in Dublin. It discusses the possibilities for developing more economic designs in Dublin Boulder Clay to take advantage of its inherent natural strength and stiffness.

The John Mitchell Lecture will be given on January 15th 2014 by Mike Long and Chris Menkiti who will present the winning paper. The lecture will be broadcast by the ICE online further details are available here.