Byrne Looby Partners Part of ConsultingIreland Cluster

Jun 10, 2013

Byrne Looby Partners are taking part in the ConsultingIreland Cluster Initiative, which was launched on the 4th of June. The company has been selected as representatives for their sector.  

The Cluster, funded by Enterprise Ireland, intends to bring together the most successful Irish organisations from different industry sectors to create a strong collaborative network to share learning and give mutual support in international business venture.

The ConsultingIreland Cluster will engage with experienced practitioners from the major International Financing Institutes (IFIs), successful International and regional companies, foreign Embassies and Trade Agencies, Irish Government and Embassy staff, Enterprise Ireland and other specialists, in order to assist companies to win increased international business and compete successfully with other European and Global partners.

The main focus of the cluster is to help companies to face the challenges of new markets, facilitating links to potential local and international partners, approaching the international markets in a practical manner and allowing them to find new opportunities in the global marketplace.

As part of its activities, the Cluster will offer an intensive management development course and a mentoring programme tailored to the individual needs of each member company. The course objective is to provide senior managers and key executives with the critical training and skills to assist in growing their business opportunities abroad, while the mentoring programme will ensure that the selected organisation can achieve the milestones necessary to complete tenders and increase opportunities to win business. The cluster will also provide the practical advice and support to achieve increased profitability and will offer a tender tracking system that can be tailored and profiled for individual companies.