The Land, Qatar

Viva Bahriya Towers

ensuring the buildings are structurally sound, stable and suitable for redevelopment is key for this project's success

The Pearl is a manmade island development covering 400 hectares of reclaimed land in an area known as The Pearl, in Doha, Qatar. ByrneLooby were commissioned by The Land to review the existing Structural Condition Reports for Viva Bahriya Towers 12, 13, 14 and 15 within The Pearl, and subsequently provide structural compliance and verification assessments of the developments.

The current project being undertaken by The Land at The Pearl is the completion of the construction of a number of 27 storey Residential Towers, (the construction was halted in 2008). The Towers are currently at shell and core stage, and the reinforced concrete frame is largely accessible.

As the structural verifiers, ByrneLooby had to report on the condition of the existing shell and core buildings along with remedial works necessary prior to reengaging contractors. The structural verification includes visual surveys, assessment of existing site records, review of the as constructed status against the design intent, and commenting on the structural compliance of the buildings.

The challenge during this project was to ensure viability. ByrneLooby had to ensure the buildings were structurally sound, stable and suitable for redevelopment. Through the implementation of required testing, ByrneLooby were successful in verifying the design using a number of non-destructive and destructive testing techniques.

The client was concerned that the buildings would not be suitable for redevelopment. However, through the application of expertise in the analysis of existing structures, appropriate structural testing and the formation of new structural solutions ByrneLooby gave the client the confidence required to proceed with the development



“Having the opportunity to work on The Land project gave me excellent experience in high rise buildings and allowed me to advance my knowledge of the design and construction processes involved with constructing such towers. The most appealing aspect to the job was the opportunity to combine work and travel in the Middle East and to explore different work practices and cultures.”

Shane, Project Structural Engineer


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