Umm Qasr Port, Iraq


We prepared a value engineered solution for the construction of a 300m open cell quay wall as part of the redevelopment of this Iraqi port.

This challenging site was underlain by deep deposits of marine mud and mud slides had occurred which made the previous design proposals for the new quay wall unfeasible.

Our alternative solution of a seaward to landward filling operation was devised to prevent large scale mud slides which had previously been experienced on the site. We designed the marine dredging, hydraulic filling and construction sequencing for this 14m high sea-wall project and our design was subsequently reviewed and approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

About the Project

  • Value engineered design to facilitate the construction of a new 14m high quay wall.
  • Challenging ground conditions of up to 6.5m of very soft alluvial silts had made original design proposals unfeasible.
  • The alternative design re-orientated construction from land based to utilise marine options to facilitate safe and efficient construction. 
  • Responsible for the design of marine dredging, hydraulic filling and construction sequencing.

Project Photos