Abu Dhabi

STEP Sewer Project, Abu Dhabi

monitoring urban areas was essential for the success of this project

ByrneLooby provided the geotechnical design and consultancy services required to deliver this 40km wastewater tunnel in Abu Dhabi.

This forward looking US$1.5bn project will transfer wastewater a distance of 40km through a sewer with diameters ranging from 200mm to 2800mm from Saatiyat Island to an area in Al Raha beach involving the construction of over 300 shafts.

ByrneLooby provided engineering design parameters for both the tunnels and shafts, scoped and supervised the additional ground investigation to inform the whole project and also provided temporary works designs for the shafts. Given that the tunnel passes through a sensitive urban area, monitoring is of critical importance. We prepared the instrumentation and monitoring plans including trigger alert levels to ensure the safe provision of the construction works.

Scope of Project

  • The Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme (STEP) is a 40Km wastewater tunnel in the UAE.
  • Involves the construction of over 300 shafts of diameters varying between 4 to 12m and depths in excess of 25m.
  • Planned, scoped, tailored  & supervised additional Ground Investigations.
  • Prepared Ground Model and Geotechnical Interpretation Reports.
  • Provision of ground contour plans, construction impact studies and the engineering parameters for the design of the shafts and tunnel. 
  • Provided Temporary Works Designs for the shafts which were combinations of secant pile walls, shotcrete lining and shotcrete lining with rock bolts.
  • Prepared the instrumentation and monitoring plans including the monitoring of ground movements, ground water and ‘trigger’ alert levels.


Project Photos