Saudi Arabia

SANG Housing Project

overcoming challenging ground conditions was key for the success of this project

ByrneLooby conducted an extensive geophysical investigation of the 100 hectare site of the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) housing project which addressed previously unforeseen challenging ground conditions for our client.

The SANG housing project is a large scale development of 400 villas as well as amenities such as shops, schools and mosques.

When a number of cavities in the rock were discovered during construction, we were engaged by our client to recommend measures to mitigate the significant risks. Utilising cutting edge ground penetrating radar and microgravity techniques, we were able to develop cavity hazard maps of the site which allowed us to tailor risk mitigation recommendations appropriately.

Our high level analysis ensured that the client was able to thoroughly address the unforeseen risks and progress the programme both expediently and safely.

Scope of Project

  • Conducted an extensive geophysical investigation in response to unforeseen ground conditions encountered during construction.
  • A project specific programme of investigation using ground penetrating radar and microgravity technologies was conducted.
  • The accurate interpretation of the results was challenging but ultimately critical for our client and overall success of the project. 
  • Developed cavity hazard maps and recommendations on risk mitigation measures which allowed the client to progress the construction programme.