Route 7 Motorway, Kosovo

overcoming challenging ground conditions was essential for this project's success


The Route 7 Motorway in Kosovo was designed to create a new link from the border with Albania to Pristina. The motorway was part of the wider European Route 75, connecting the Adriatic Sea to the Pan European Corridor X in Serbia. ByrneLooby was appointed as the geotechnical consultants on Sections 7 and 8 of this design and build €700 million motorway project.

The role of ByrneLooby included the design of the earthworks and the geotechnical aspects of the foundation designs for the motorway viaducts, bridges and culvert structures. ByrneLooby was responsible for the preparation of the Geotechnical Design Report (GDR) for the scheme in addition to the planning, scoping, supervising and interpreting phased ground investigations along the challenging route.

During this process, inter-regional tensions still existed in post conflict Kosovo and negotiating access with land owners proved difficult. In addition, a risk of mines and other unexploded ordnance existed. As a result, ByrneLooby advocated the use of Cone Penetration Testing (CPT), using a light tracked vehicle that could travel rapidly on the ground with minimal disruption. This equipment was not readily available in Kosovo so ByrneLooby introduced the local client to a CPT specialist in order to transfer skill, knowledge and capability to the area.

This transfer of knowledge between a CPT specialist and a local geotechnical specialist benefited our client as it enabled the project to progress more rapidly, with minimum disruption to land owners and provided all the information to necessary characterise the ground for design.


“The Kosovo Motorway project gave me excellent experience in the interpretation of site investigation data on a large scale. It was great to then be able to use our interpretation to design various elements along the motorway, such as bridge foundations, the cuttings and embankments. It was enjoyable to be involved in the different elements and stages of this project.”
Katherine, Project Engineer


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