Mullingar Sewerage Improvement

detailed design were required for two contracts

ByrneLooby in joint venture with JB Barry & Partners prepared the Preliminary Report and EIS for the Mullingar Sewerage Improvement Scheme. The project also included a hydrological study and flood risk assessment for the River Brosna. Subsequently, detailed design and contract documents were prepared for two contracts.

Contract No. 1 was a DBO contract which provided for the increase of the WWTP capacity from 20,000 to 55,000pe, construction of a 6000 m3. Stormwater Holding Tank, Main Lift Pumping Station and Rising Main and Sludge Treatment Hub centre with Thermal Drier, all of which were part of a 20 year Operation Contract.

A second contract provided for the upgrade of the collection system including the construction of 2.5km of main Interceptor Sewer (900mm to 1800mm diameter), part of which was constructed in tunnel.